Yang & Olivia Liu

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yang and Olivia

Husband and wife duo Yang & Olivia Liu are virtuosic talents who create a fulfilling and unforgettable storytelling event on violin and piano.

Both were students at the University of Cincinnati when they met coincidentally. Yang Liu, a sought after violinist and prodigy from China, turned pages for the already-accomplished pianist, Olivia. While in school, each won gold medals in Chinese national competitions and Mr. Liu earned honors in the prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.  Since, then, Mr. & Mrs. Liu have appeared together internationally and in the United States highlighted by performances at major festivals and venues such as Kennedy Center, Oficina Music Festival in Brazil, Algarve Music Festival in Portugal and throughout their homeland of China.

Their program of classical and traditional Chinese music demonstrates technical brilliance and virtuosity while communicating their message of faith, love and joy.

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An Evening with Hal Linden

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hal Linden

Hal Linden spices up the stage with a dose of nostalgia and a dash of legendary star quality.

With a 65-year career in the entertainment business, Hal Linden is best known for his portrayal of the police precinct captain in the hit television series, Barney Miller, for which he earned multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominations.  In 1957, he made his Broadway debut in the musical Bells Are Ringing opposite Judy Holliday and has continued to perform in more than 20 Broadway and off-Broadway productions including Pajama Game, A Christmas Carol, Chicago and Cabaret.  In 1971, he won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his role in The Rothschilds.

Backed by a 7-piece band, Linden performs some of America’s greatest songs and Broadway hits. You will get decades worth of knowledge and talent and an entire concert filled with an assortment of poise, entertainment and timeless melodies.

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Bach to the Future

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bach To The Future Bach to the Future is composed of chart-topping pianist Michael Silverman, pioneer of cutting-edge electronic percussion Rob Silverman, musical-arrangement connoisseur Matt Bollinger and electric violinist Andrew Driscoll.

Each musician is a renowned artist in his own right. Michael is an Emmy Award winning composer who has written music for hundreds of film and television productions on CNN, ABC, A&E. Rob is the author of the best-selling “Drumset 101,” Andrew is a Berklee School of Music graduate and has performed with Luciano Pavarotti, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and it was Matt’s interest in arranging Bach’s cello suites for six-string electric bass that was the creation for this unique quartet.
Bach to the Future uses unique instruments like the keytar, zendrum and violectra to put a modern twist on the musical stylings of Bach and Beethoven adding a little jazz here, African and Latin rhythms there and whole lot of personal panache to every part of the show.

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Anthony Kearns

Friday, February 21, 2014

Anthony Kearns

With a rendition of “Danny Boy” that will melt your heart, Irish lyric tenor Anthony Kearns has the ability to color each note with beauty and grace.

Continuing to perform as a founding-member of platinum-selling vocal sensation “The Irish Tenors” and the winner of many Irish singing festivals, including “Ireland’s Search for a Tenor” (1993), Kearns was recognized by the Irish Music Association as the “Best Irish Tenor” in the US, UK and European Union in 2010.

Kearns is also a notable opera performer, appearing in feature roles on opera stages across Europe and North America.

Accompanied on piano, the strength and tenderness of his voice captures the spirit of classic opera, popular song and the traditional music of his homeland.

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Italian Saxophone Quartet

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Italian Sax Quartet

“The (Italian) Quartet boasts a distinguished career and ranks firmly among the most interesting groups on the Italian musical scene, both for the uniqueness of its instrumentation and the unquestionable quality of its performance.” Il Messaggero (Rome).

True virtuosos, Italian Saxophone Quartet will sweep listeners off their feet for multiple standing ovations and hundreds of shouting “Bravos!” Formed in 1982 by four of the most established soloists in their field, Italian Saxophone Quartet consists of Federico Mondelci (soprano sax), Marco Gerboni (alto sax), Mario Marzi (tenor sax) and Massimo Mazzoni (baritone sax).  The group has won several chamber music competitions, were awarded first prize in the “Premier Ancona” by Goffredo Petrassi and have played in major concert halls throughout Italy, Europe, Russian and the United States.

With creative programs ranging from Renaissance music to Gershwin, Joplin to Piazzolla and interpretations of contemporary music that have received special recognition, The Italian Quartet warms any classical music-lover’s heart.

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Jesse Lynch’s Jazz 101

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Jesse Lynch is no stranger to Live On Stage.  He has played piano for popular veterans Daniel Rodriguez and The American Tenors and has wowed audiences of his own playing everything from Beethoven and Bop to free jazz and contemporary compositions.

With an extensive professional history as a vocal accompanist and coach, as well as a student of both jazz and classical performance, Jesse is a genre-defying musician with the ability and passion to take on any style of music. Joined on bass and drums, Jesse Lynch leads audiences on a journey through the evolution and history of jazz through music and multi-media presentation in his touring program Jesse Lynch’s Jazz 101.

This talented trio will crank up the heat on stage with explosive energy and electrifying technique in the sounds of Joplin, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats.

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